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History of Gustav Adolf Grammar School


Overview of Gustav Adolf Grammar School

Gustav Adolf Grammar School was established in 1631 when Estonia went under the governance of the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf. Alongside with the great demand for well-educated habitants, the first gymnasium in Estonia was founded in the nunnery of St. Michael. This was the first school to provide education to the aristocrats as well as ordinary burghers of the country.

Gustav Adolf Grammar School has notably survived the changings of ascendance in the country during many centuries and is the only one to have been constantly functioning ever since its foundation. This results in the school's significant historical background and a large number of traditions that have been respected up to this day.

Nowadays, the school is one of the few in Estonia to belong amongst the elite and therefore, which allows to hold a selective competition each year in order to admit only the finest pupils. The curriculum specialises in five sub-departments during the three years of high school, allowing the students to broaden their knowledge on one of the following fields of study: Realities, French, English, Swedish and a combined Mathematics-English department.

The language departments are subject to an in depth Humanities studies which include additional courses on English Culture and Literature, Economics, Philosophy and Tour Guide Studies. Students annually host a number of foreign guests in the schoolhouse, show them around and introduce them with the Estonian education system as well as the history of the school and the medieval Old Town of Tallinn. Due to that, the students acquire significant English language skills, such as the ability to freely express themselves and make use of a broad vocabulary. Therefore, our students are known for their excellent performance in various debating contests and foreign language quizzes. Many of them further apply to high-ranked universities throughout the world.

The main goal of Gustav Adolf Grammar School is to provide its students with a variety of educational options as well as extracurricular activities. The school has its own Music School, Chess Club, Applied Arts Center, Acting and Debating Club and a recording studio for prospective musicians. We have also formed connections with other high-schools throughout Europe that share our values in order to pay mutual visits and therefore, enable our students to travel and learn about other cultures.

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